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Developing for IoT is complex and time consuming - but we have you covered. The IoT Toolkit, comprising of a suite of software frameworks for IoT end points, IoT gateways and cloud edge, simplifies IoT product and solution development for our customers


Project Ideation

IoT device middleware framework

Altiux’s IoT device middleware is a production ready software framework, that enables device manufacturers to rapidly transform their traditional products to smart-connected products. Built on open standard technologies, it reduces technology risks and future proofs investments for OEMs while addressing the challenges of securely managing devices in heterogenous environments.

BoxPwR provides connectivity, security, manageability and value added features essential for IoT device and gateway development and easily scales as per device requirement – from extremely low power, constrained devices to full-service IoT gateways.


Hardware Design

Device management framework

As the number of devices deployed in field grows, so does the complexity of managing them. Altiux's device management framework enables converged mangement of heterogenuous devices in the field.

It provides framework of components that can enable provisioning, registration, commissioning and FOTA of heterogenous devices. It comes with multi security modes and can also support Low Throughput Network like LoRa, Sigfox, etc. to provide unified device management.


User Interface

Multi-cloud framework

Being able to have the IoT devices connect to the cloud platforms forms the core of any IoT solution developemnt. Multi-cloud connectivity framework enables seamless data routing to the cloud.

It is a secure and highly available framework that can route any messages to any cloud, and even to multiple clouds simultaneously. It provides well defined secure APIs to develop cloud adapters and can be deployed on private, public or hybrid cloud.


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